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E-30 Profile: GB Hilycord, Inc.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GB Hilycord, Inc. – Providing High Quality GNC Vitamin & Nutritional Supplements at the Best Value Submitted by:  Chris Allen, President - The Business Spotlight, Inc. and Committee Member of Emerging 30


GB Hilycord, Inc., headquartered in Union, KY, is owned and operated by Greg Hilycord, President and Jane Hilycord, Vice President.   Their company, founded in 2008, focuses on providing high quality GNC vitamins & nutritional supplements at best value pricing.  They currently own and operate 7 GNC franchises in Cincinnati/N. KY area with 20 employees.


Greg’s most important business lesson is to always be learning.  A big part is listening to customers, employees, suppliers, partners, etc.  Not everything applies, but it’s important to be in tune with the market and changes within the industry.


For those starting a business, Greg’s advice is to manage your cash flow.  You can’t stay in business if you can’t collect money and pay your bills!


Greg’s biggest challenge is to create foot traffic for his respective stores.  With respect to vitamins and nutritional supplements, everyone has the option to:  1) do nothing, 2) buy online, 3) go to other stores including other GNC stores not owned by the Hilycords and 4) go to their specific stores.  He realizes it’s about building relationships with his customers through his employees and the value they can add based on their level of expertise and being engaging & helpful.  The myriad marketing choices available can be overwhelming, but ultimately, it’s about getting a return on your marketing dollar.


When asked whom he most admires in business, Greg was choosing between the innovation & visionary skills of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates’ pure business skills to make money.  Making more money in either case allows the business owner to expand their business, hire more employees and help out their local economy.


The N. KY Chamber’s Emerging 30 award has been something Greg and Jane are very proud to have earned and they want to make it an annual achievement.  If they can continue doing right by their customers, it should be just a formality.

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