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E 30 Profiles: Bannockburn Global Forex LLC, (BBGFX)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Remembering Braveheart with Drew Collins

Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC was started in 2009 by a group of foreign currency exchange (forex) experts. The name of the company has an interesting history. The Battle of Bannockburn is the name of one of the battles in the Mel Gibson movie Braveheart. In this particular battle in the movie, the heavily outnumbered Scots (headed by Mel Gibson), defeated the much larger English army. Drew Collins explained that BBGFX feels that like the Scottish army  BBGFX is fighting and winning against the bigger players in the forex market which benefits the business community they serve.

Drew, a managing partner with BBGFX, explained that most businesses with international transactions don’t have a full understanding of the forex market. Through education and fair pricing, BBGFX is providing a better value proposition for the market and are the eyes and ears for their customers when it comes to forex. BBGFX works with small to midsized business and a dozen community banks as their forex desk making people smarter, stream lining this part of their treasury function and saving them significant money on the execution of trades. The company has been so successful, they have opened up offices in LA, Kansas City MO, Chicago, NY and Richmond VA. Even with the expansions they are always looking for those with the right combination of forex skills and business development savvy in the region or other markets nationally.    

By Scott J. Malof, CPA/PFS
Malof & Associates CPAs, LLC

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