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E 30 Profiles: The Business Backer

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Providing a True Alternative to Traditional Financing Alternatives  

The Business Backer, headquartered in Blue Ash, OH, is owned and operated by two managing partners, Scott Avera – Chairman and Jim Salters - CEO. Their company, founded in 2007, focuses on providing customized alternative funding and capital solutions for small businesses for cash flow, expansion or growth. To learn more, visit their website at

A couple of major shifts in 2013 have dramatically increased the value provided by the company and has allowed them to serve additional customers. The first is the addition of their True Relationship Financing™ network. They’ve moved beyond just providing self-funding and have partnered with a number of credit unions and other alternative investors, thus allowing more variety in financing options (similar to the Progressive Insurance model). By taking this relationship-based approach, they can produce lower cost financing and more accessible financing. The second shift is an emphasis on ensuring businesses have what they need to be more successful. The business environment has been tough over the past few years and many business owners would like additional help… a trusted advisor, a business consultant/coach, financial advisor, etc. The Business Backer can provide financing to help with these needs as the dominant provider of customized financing solutions for business owners to access coaching and consulting, financed over time with no down payment.

Ultimately, what they attribute to their success most is what makes them stand out in the industry, they strive to “make their customers feel known.” Financing is provided based on relationships and business stories, not data technology and automation. All of their customers are treated with respect and are appreciated for their business.

Submitted by: Chris Allen, President - The Business Spotlight, Inc. and Committee Member of Emerging 30

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