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E 30 Profiles: Nexigen

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Founded in 2003 by J.J. Schaffer and Jon Salisbury, Nexigen is an IT services company providing managed services, cloud server hosting, help desk, and network planning/consulting. The company is headquartered in Newport, Kentucky and currently has 21 employees. The mission of Nexigen is to increase efficiencies, and improve data storage and mobility for its clients.

J.J. comments that the greatest challenge they face daily is the procurement of quality employees. “As we are a service-based business, hiring and training quality employees that are both able to communicate effectively and solve complex technology issues is probably the most critical decisions we make.”

When it comes to the most important business lesson they have learned as a company, J.J. underlines one essential element: “Keep it simple. I think businesses have a tendency to become overly complex both in their internal processes and in the products/services they offer to customers.

Much as in sports, it’s the fundamentals that matter. Businesses that run most efficiently and provide the best customer experience have a clearly defined vision of their company, continually evolve and polish their product offering, and are able to replicate the process again and again. Even a company as large as Wal-Mart is simply a replication of 6,000 very similar stores each operating with the same products and processes.”

The advice J.J. would give to any new business initiates is that “time is your most precious resource. As a business owner you are ultimately responsible for every aspect of the business from marketing to accounts receivable. Being able to manage which of these areas would benefit most from your attention without getting distracted by timewasters is crucial.”

Congratulations to Emerging 30 Winner Nexigen!

Submitted by: Jay Wuest, PNC Bank


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