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E 30 Profile: LeanCor, LLC

Monday, September 22, 2014

Since its founding in 2005, LeanCor has become prominent player in the region’s logistics industry.  Unlike other third party logistics providers, LeanCor offers a unique combination of training and education, supply chain consulting, and third party logistics services. LeanCor helps companies who are looking to drive improvements and waste reduction through their logistics networks. They advance the world’s supply chains and help companies achieve their goals in a sustainable fashion.

Robert Martichenko the owner and CEO of LeanCor gave advice for others who are starting their own company. Martichenko stated that entrepreneurs need to understand that, “There will have to be seasons of very long hours, wearing multiple hats, and sending out invoices at 11:00pm from a hotel while preparing for a sales-call the next morning.” Although starting your own business is a lot of work he said it is, “A very rewarding endeavor.”

When asked who he most admired, Mr. Martichenko said, “The people that do the front-line work on a daily basis… Their passion to stay up late and come in early to make sure that a box of screws arrives to the line on time far exceeds the respective passion that I’ve seen in many leadership positions. These people inspire me to continue working to identify the wastes in supply chains so that their lives can be made easier, and their companies can be more profitable.”

LeanCor is proud to be a member of the Northern Kentucky community and is very complimentary of the benefits to being a Chamber member.

Article submitted by: Michael Averbeck, LOTH Business Development Specialist 

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