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E30 Profile: Mobility Solutions

Monday, September 29, 2014

In April of 2009, Wayne Merkley made the leap from employee to entrepreneur and founded Mobility Solutions. From his career in supply chain distribution, Wayne created his company to improve every aspect of workforce and process efficiency through state of the art technology focusing on hardware, software and wireless connectivity.

Wayne has also expanded the company’s services into the health care field. An example is ensuring the network is sufficient and effective in the monitoring of a patient’s vital statistics no matter where they are in the facility.

Wayne’s biggest challenge in growing his business lies in achieving “critical mass”. That is, creating a pipeline filled with enough clients to create adequate cash flow to expand his workforce. It’s the age-old tension between the need for more clients to create more capital and needing more capital to take on more clients.

The best advice Wayne has for anyone seeking to strike out on their own is to make sure the risk you are taking is a calculated one. Good ideas don’t necessarily translate into a viable business. He feels it is very important to build on one’s experience as well as the experience of others. In other words, don’t reinvent the wheel if it is not necessary.

Wayne credits Rod Coutts the former CEO of Teklogix as having the biggest influence on him as a person and a business owner. Mr. Coutts was the ultimate example of leadership. While starting a business is challenging to say the least, Wayne maintains the risk is well worth the potential reward.

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