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E30 Profile: Legacy Financial Advisors

Monday, October 13, 2014

Legacy Financial Advisors, headquartered in Covington, KY, is owned and operated by Michael Maisel, Trent Lucas, and Paul Sartori. The company, founded in 2006, focuses on coordinating and simplifying the financial lives of their clients.

Legacy Financial is a multi-year emerging 30 award winner. When asked about the key to their success, Michael said, “There is a quote we keep in mind, ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart is also’. Since our clients trust us in dealing with their wealth, family, business, and legacy, we are truly focused on issues of the heart.”

Their biggest challenge in 2013 also became their biggest strength. Due to the growth they were experiencing, Legacy Financial moved to a model with relationship managers to focus on servicing their current clients. Although it took some time to on-board them, now they are in place and the clients are raving about the service level they are receiving!

Their biggest opportunity going forward is with a new partnership they’ve made with Fidelity to provide additional investment options for Fidelity’s clients and also potentially planning services and insurance options.

Legacy Financial works well with business owners, company executives and people nearing retirement. An expansion opportunity also exists in working with their clients’ spouses and their children.

Submitted by Chris Allen, The Business Spotlight, Inc.

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