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E30 Profile: Pathfinder/MPI Consulting

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pathfinder MPI Consulting, headquartered in Blue Ash, OH, is owned and operated by John Hawkins, President & CEO. The company, founded in 2009, focuses on driving and influencing positive change from the inside out to create a great environment for employees. The company is the result of a merger between Pathfinders (Sales & Marketing focus) and MPI (HR & Org. Development). MPI is also recognized as a top 5 for labor consulting. The company’s overall focus going forward is on creating learning cultures.

John’s most important business lesson is how disenfranchised employees are throughout many industries. It’s both surprising and disheartening. The impacts are high turn-over, low satisfaction, an increase in NLRB filings and the organizations are not prepared for the pace of change due to technology, cultural diversity and generational differences. As a result, the organizations don’t embrace change.

On a related note, for those starting a business, John’s advice is to listen to your employees, listen to your customers and create a highly engaged culture.

John’s biggest challenge is finding experienced professionals who have passion to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle; his business has always been constrained by capacity, not demand.

When asked whom he most admires in business, John shared he really admires his parents. Although they were impoverished when he was growing up, both his mother and father had an insatiable desire to learn and to apply what they learned to improve their lives.

Submitted by Chris Allen, The Business Spotlight, Inc.

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