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E30 Profile: Perfectware Solutions

Friday, January 9, 2015

Perfectware Solutions, headquartered in Park Hills, KY, is owned and operated by Megan Heil – President. The company, founded in 2010, focuses on providing service software designed to help their clients (service companies) run their businesses smarter and more profitably.

Perfectware is a virtual company where all employees work remotely across the country. Megan’s most important business lesson is to keep everything in balance and create a fun, relaxed work environment. The result is happy employees and a successful business.

Perfectware’s biggest challenge is building brand awareness and managing their staggering growth. Earning awards like Emerging 30 helps provide brand awareness throughout the community and is highly valued by all in the company.

For those starting their own business, Megan’s advice is to first determine the ultimate goal of the company: “How big do you want this to get and what’s the sweet spot for you?” Plan for that level of growth and continually monitor for warning signs along the way. The old saying, “You work to live, not live to work” should be your guide. If you find the latter occurring, it’s time to see what needs to be done to get it back into balance.

Megan credits her business acumen in large part to her father, Charles Brown, who instilled in her the concept that a company’s strength comes from its employees and it is the responsibility of the leader to empower their success.

Submitted by: Chris Allen, The Business Spotlight, Inc.

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